How to Inspire Creativity

Creativity can sometimes prove elusive to those of us who are more cerebral or logical but the ability to be creative rests in everyone. Sometimes we are limited by our ideal of what creativity can and cannot be.

However, it manifests itself in different and various forms. From the artistry of a painter to the mechanical expertise of an inventor, you do not have to fit a certain mold to be creative.

Brain hemispheres with one side in black and white with equations written and the other side splattered with different colors of paint

Get Bored

So how do you inspire creativity? First and foremost, allow yourself to be bored. I realize that is increasingly difficult with social media and the many entertainment avenues available to us, but let yourself be bored.

You just have to give yourself the room and opportunity to create.

Allow yourself to be left with no other source of entertainment except your own thoughts and wonderings. Which leads me to the next point of inspiration, observation.

Observe Your Environment

In your boredom, observe the world around you, take note of the nuances in a sunbeam, the crash of an ocean wave, the creaking of the house settling. This then brings you to the next point of inspiration, asking questions.

Ask Questions

Be inquisitive, question why the house settles, what the crash of an ocean is reminiscent of, what are those specks floating in a sunbeam? All of these things in combination will result in fuel for your imagination which in turn leads to creativity being expressed.

Boredom…Observation…Inquisition, these steps taken in succession will lead to imagination.

Don’t Forget To Explore

It should also be noted that inspiration also comes from exploration. Don’t forget to explore the world around you and visit new sites.

Taking the steps listed here in new scenery can lead to a spark of inspiration for your creativity. In addition, new experiences provide fresh material to draw from.

doodled word create

Groupon offers a number of things to do at affordable pricing for the most part. Choose something at random or out of your comfort zone and see what it causes you to feel.

If you can’t take these steps because of limited funds then just take a walk around your neighborhood or the park.

In Conclusion

Creativity can be inspired by a number of things, even people you meet or chance experiences that occur in everyday life.

These are all suggestions of what can inspire creativity but the possibilities are limitless. Everyone is unique and inspiration can be found anywhere.

©JustTalkingShep 2019

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