Do You Feel Stuck in the Past?

Moving forward in your life can be difficult when you remain stuck in the past. The problem with constantly replaying and living in the past is that you cannot change anything through those thoughts.

It is like you are in a constant ground hog’s day of your imagination. Dwelling on past mistakes and pain done to you does nothing to those who wronged you and prevents you from being able to grow and better yourself.

The future is the only opportunity to move toward change. You may not be able to change what happened but you can dictate what is to come.

Collage of many clock faces

We have limited control in the passage of time but we can decide to make our time meaningful.

How Do You Let Go of the Past?

When you are reliving past memories and thoughts that are painful, immediately think of something else that brings you joy and happiness. Stop the flow of negativity.

You can even decide on what you plan on doing instead. For example, if you are stuck thinking about how a relationship ended poorly, instead imagine and plan on starting a new one in a better way. Even if that relationship is with yourself.

If you made a mistake at work or in a performance, think instead on the work to improve yourself and how you will be better.

The mind is a powerful thing and can dictate how we choose to view the world in which we live.

Stay in the present and see what life has to offer you. Living in the past keeps you from the now and what could be right in front of you to offer you a brighter future. Moreover, you never know how much time you do have.

Wouldn’t you rather live it the present instead of instant replay?

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