Movie Review: Sweetheart

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Movie: Sweetheart

Release Date: October 22, 2019

Runtime: 82 minutes

Streaming Service: Netflix

Genre: Thriller/ Horror


Jennifer Remming washes up ashore on an island after a storm trashes her boat. While she works to survive in her new surroundings, she discovers the graves and belongings of a family that seems to have been on the island before her. Not deterred, she continues taking it day by day gathering supplies and hunting for food to survive. One night a plane flies overhead but when she fires a flare gun to try to get their attention she looks out over the water and realizes that she isn’t alone.

My Thoughts

If what did I just watch? was a movie, this would be it. This movie surprised me by their villain choice and I was left with more questions than answers. This isn’t a jump heavy thriller by any means and was pretty straight forward by the dangers it presented. I will give points for originality in the threat presented but the character development was seriously lacking in this story. Minimal dialogue made this more of a “watch this scenario” film. Overall, this movie is a watch once kind of piece.

Sweetheart Trailer

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