Book Review| The Light We Carry: Overcoming in Uncertain Times by Michelle Obama

Cover for The Light We Carry. Michelle Obama can be seen smiling with her arm softly crossed holding the other one while wearing a white and sparkly gold striped sweater.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Book Review| The Light We Carry: Overcoming in Uncertain Times by Michelle Obama

  1. Book Review| The Light We Carry: Overcoming in Uncertain Times by Michelle Obama
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I had high hopes for this book since Michelle Obama’s book Becoming received such raving reviews. While I haven’t had a chance to read that title, I was eager to read this newer one. The last few years have definitely been some of the most uncertain times with so much changing seemingly at once. The promise of finding a way to overcome them drew me into giving this book a read.

What’s it About?

Former First Lady Michelle Obama draws from her life experiences to give valuable insights to navigate our current troubled times. From things that happened in her childhood, to experiences while climbing in her career, motherhood and living in the White House, all of it culminates as lived examples of where she gained the wisdom that she is passing onto others in this book.

My Thoughts

The book started slow for me at first but quickly picked up through its insights. Each chapter gave more intimate and meaningful advice than the last. In one part Michelle Obama spoke on how treasured her mom was in her life and highlighted wisdom from her mother that she felt were some of her greatest gems. They definitely were great tips! Some of the quotes that stuck with me despite their simplicity were:

What we don’t see, we assume can’t be. What a destructive assumption.

-Octavia Butler

This made me realize even more how vital representation is in our society. It made me think of how I may limit what I think is possible because I cannot see it. Which truly is destructive to the possibilities.

We’re lonely and yet we’re not alone

Michelle Obama

Once again simple but oftentimes we can forget that we’re not the only one who feels alone. We can assume everyone else is in a better place when that may not entirely be the truth. It was a good reminder to consider that.

There are so many other parts of the book that I enjoyed and would love to quote but I don’t want to give too much away and spoil it for the next reader. But a last thought from the book that I will leave as an example of what you are in store for:

Doubt comes from within, your fearful mind scares you out of opportunity.

Overall Impression

I walked away from this book with a greater sense of what I can do to navigate challenging times and feelings while also being kinder to myself. How to face fear by recognizing where it comes from within. Understanding the importance of connecting to others and recognizing that moving forward despite obstacles requires a dedication to the work.

I recommend this book for anyone experiencing burnout from the state of the world today. Those looking to feel inspired that things have the capacity to get better. Anyone who wants a more realistic than idealized source of hope that feels actionable, especially those who struggle with their own self doubt and fears. Give this book a try, you will not be disappointed!

Book Specs

  • Publisher : Crown
  • Published Date : November 15, 2022
  • Pages : 336

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