Book Review| Fake it Till You Bake it by Jamie Wesley

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Book Review| Fake it Till You Bake it by Jamie Wesley

  1. Book Review| Fake it Till You Bake it by Jamie Wesley
    1. What’s it About?
    2. My Thoughts
    3. Overall Impression
    4. Book Specs

I was looking for a cute romance to enjoy for this month and was satisfied with this quick read. Granted I am usually not one who goes for more realistic love stories in my reads. Of course I love a good rom-com movie but I tend to veer toward the paranormal or fantasy romance genre in my books. I’m glad I gave this one a chance!

What’s it About?

Donovan Dell, football player and business owner of Sugar Blitz, a cupcake bakery in San Diego meets his biggest challenge in Jada Townsend-Matthews, recent reality star turned villain for turning down a proposal on national television. When she returns home to avoid the backlash she is forced to take a job at his bakery.

Both of their worlds are turned upside when a reporter unfortunately assumes they are an item. They decide to maintain the lie when it seems to benefit them both. More business for Donovan’s bakery and less embarrassment for Jada. But before they know it their little arrangement starts to mean much more for both of them when love enters the mix.

My Thoughts

Their dynamic was a fun one with a tumultuous start. They each had their own unique hang ups that served as conflict for their union and lent this story a more realistic feel of romance. The banter was fun and the pace was well done for the storyline. Jada and Donovan could be someone we meet today, making you root for them all the more. More than once I was made to feel a craving for a sweet treat thanks to the vivid descriptions of the desserts. Definitely a fun quick read but if you are on a diet, maybe hold off a bit.

Overall Impression

I recommend this book for those who enjoy a good romance based more in reality, witty banter, and best of all, desserts!

Book Specs

  • Publisher: St. Martin’s Publishing Group
  • Published Date: 06/21/2022
  • Pages: 336

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