Valentine Movies for Kids with HEALTHY Depictions of Love

Valentine Movies for Kids with HEALTHY Depictions of Love

  1. Valentine Movies for Kids with HEALTHY Depictions of Love
    1. Frozen 
    2. Strange Magic 
    3. Thumbelina 
    4. The Pebble and the Penguin
    5. Megamind 
    6. Trolls
    7. The Princess and the Frog
  2. Conclusion

Now I will admit that as a little girl I was exposed to some of the most romanticized movies concerning falling in love. Movies where, sure he kidnapped you but can’t you look past his flaws and rudeness to find the heart of gold? So he completely lied about who he was to get a chance with you, at least he is a nice guy right? He is a risk taker that can show you a new way of life, why not go on an adventure? Change everything about yourself so you can be a part of his world? Why not?! 

In the moment you think nothing of the deeper message of these fairy tales and storybook movies. It’s just fantasy right? Well let me tell you that watching all these fantastic scenarios can put your radar WAY off when spotting red flags. I mean how do you pardon kidnapping and deception?

Here are some kid movies that I think reflect some truth when it comes to HEALTHIER depictions of love. Enjoy the movies on this list this Valentine’s Day!


Anna you can’t just marry the first guy you meet, you know nothing about him! Bravo to this movie for pointing out the critical flaw in about 70% of movies tailored to young girls. Love is not a whirlwind, and should be something that grows! Just because he seems awesome on the outside doesn’t mean he is just as great on the inside. For keeping it 100 and setting realistic ideas of what’s healthy in relationship development I recommend this movie.

Strange Magic 

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Looks aren’t everything because sometimes the most handsome face can hide the most wicked intentions. This movie is a testament to the idea of great character being vital in a good relationships. It teaches that looks aren’t the only thing that you should base your judgment on and I love this movie for that.


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This is a borderline movie, yes there is a fantastic prince BUT there is a song about marrying a rich mole just because he can care for Thumbelina. Supplying all your needs is great but that can’t be the only thing you base a lifetime on. Moral of the story, financial safety doesn’t trump actual attraction and feelings. 

The Pebble and the Penguin

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 It takes more than brawn to be a man/good match for a woman. I love that our main character isn’t the typical macho man considered handsome in so many movies. He has a heart of gold and his love is true and honest. I definitely recommend it as a testament to the true values that should be treasured in love.


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This movie teaches that love can come in unexpected packages. It is vital you form your own opinion of someone rather than going with what society says about them. Megamind shows young ones that you can’t judge a book by its cover. And also, be careful about bullying because you can give rise to villains!


Trolls teaches self love by showing happiness is something YOU make. It comes from within, not another person or thing. A great deal of the fairy tale movies can lead you to believe that if you have this one thing you will be happy but this movie throws that out the window. Healthy relationships start when both parties are self sufficient in their happiness and I applaud this movie for teaching that.

The Princess and the Frog

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Love shouldn’t make you take a backseat on your dreams. For love to flourish, your partner should support your dreams. This movie is amazing for showing that dreams shouldn’t have to stop because of a relationship. You can still live them with the right person to support them by your side.


All of these movies offer a message on love that strikes a balance between entertaining but realistic. I definitely recommend them for all children no matter the gender. Let me know in the comments if you check any of these titles out or have any that I should add to the list!

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