Book Review| The Darkest King by Gena Showalter

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Book Review| The Darkest King by Gena Showalter

  1. Book Review| The Darkest King by Gena Showalter
    1. What’s It About? 
    2. My Thoughts
    3. Overall Impression  

I have been a faithful reader of the Lords of the Underworld series by Gena Showalter after a reading suggestion by fans of the Immortals After Dark series. The character of William has always been the mysterious, suave, Casanova character at the outskirts of each of the Lords’ stories so the anticipation was built as to who he would end up with. This book was truly a page turner!

What’s It About? 

William of the Dark has lived the life of a playboy, never committing to one woman and avoiding any kind of relationship. This is partly due to his own tendency to get bored but mostly because of a curse placed upon him by a spurned former lover/witch to die by the hands of the woman he loved. Said vengeful witch also gifted him a coded book that is supposed to hold the key to relieving himself of the curse.

For many centuries no one has been able to decode the pages and all William’s hopes seem lost until a promising crypto-analyst named Sunny Lane appears. Will she be able to solve the code in his book and free him of this curse?

Thus far he has avoided love at every turn but this time it looks like love may have found him. 

My Thoughts

This book starts off finally giving backstory to William’s history and from there takes you on a rapid journey filled with revelations at every turn. The love scenes are scorching and the dynamic between him and Sunny is unique and fun. This was a satisfying match for the elusive character we have come to love catching glimpses of from the stories of the Lords of the Underworld. I will say that the ending came a tad abrupt and the loose ends snipped all too quickly. (But that just may be because I wasn’t ready for the story to end). 

Overall Impression  

Whether you have been a long time reader of the Lords of the Underworld series or a new entrant, this story will not disappoint. The dynamic built between characters is fun and unique. In terms of story telling, this book is able to keep you riveted until the very last page!

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